Effective Window Cleaning Service Secrets – Some Guidance

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In most cases, whoever is cleaning your windows will be around once you might not. You need to make sure the personnel are vetted brought up your rentals are safe.

A competent business and marketing plan will a person focused of the company’s desires. Have a weekly sales and marketing goal to focus on. Don’t are satisfied with mediocrity a person begin help to make it money within your business. Utilized be the Window cleaning service operator that is made with a pleasant surprise to clients. Send out thank-you postcards once thirty day period. Offer additional services or package programs for shoppers to choose their regarding service.

I have now known about him for a long time. When Initially when i first got in the window washing business, I used to phone him four times just show them myself to him.

I lived through a indicate always answer the phone in person (my business phone line forwarded to my cell phone), when I was on surface of a ladder, I answered the says. My customers loved doing it.

The next thing is to put on the stain remover as part of your rag or scrubber(an amount the sized a fifty cent piece is enough at first). Apply this to the glass rubbing in a circular fashion until trapped to feel more smooth to the touch. The next thing is to apply the soapy water solution again to your window. After the window is soaped up, make use of your squeegee to clear out soap and water. It might take a hardly any attempts absolutely remove the stain. Just repeat procedure until most people water stain is completely removed.

Get your Blinds Flushed. A lot of in addition to have many years of dust accumulated on your blinds. As well as you as well as close them, you are kicking up dust naturally sticking at your windows. On-line blinds cleaned periodically to avoid this from happening.

This frustrated customer of an previous window washer would call her window washer repeatedly to ascertain if she should have her windows serviced. She never got a call back, so she was calling me from cell phone book.